Through our signature products which include intelligent smartphone communication apps and support services, we help to connect our customers with their family, friends and social networks with a vision for effective and healthy social relationships.

We offer application capabilities that incorporate the latest technologies of voice, text, expression, pictures, location and group chat features and more. With regular usage and familiarity, you can create a meaningful life that is connected with the people who matter, making communication more convenient and fun!



Go from zero to hero with a marketing and branding strategy complete with public relations support to help you leverage from marketing efforts. This enhances your brand profile and market presence. 
  • Integrated branding support
  • Positive user experience
  • Integrated design technology
  • Analytics and reports

Promotion & Advertising Management

Our integrated team provides creativity in designing and executing your campaigns across other supporting channels, online and offline. We connect your brand to the right media owners based on your marketing and branding direction.
  • Inhouse design and content support services with speedy turnaround time
  • Creative designs with thematic execution
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Media planning and buying services
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting support
  • Proprietary multi-user connectivity platform


Reach out to a highly targeted audience segment with customised advertising strategies that are cost-effective yet impactful. Leverage from our vast knowhow and our agility to meet evolving channel algorithms with the most up-to-date social media marketing techniques that drive your customer experiences.
  • Reach specific demographics
  • Demographic-driven advertising
  • Facebook pixel tracking and conversion
  • Fast results for customer awareness, engagement and results


Our SEO and SEM expertise help you maximise an effective branding on the Internet, complete with a full spectrum of optimization services to boost your rankings to generate engagement, clicks and website traffic.
  • Campaign-driven, results-focused
  • Customised plans
  • Fast and measurable execution
  • Quality website traffic


Our inhouse wordsmiths support our one-stop setup for campaign execution, writing with maturity and experience to deliver your message into the heads of your target audience. Our expertise extends across a variety of media including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. WhatsApp, Skype, video marketing channels and more.
  • Comprehensive writing experience
  • NLP-driven writing style to incite response
  • Fast execution
  • Targeted audience mapping

Our Associated Companies & Clients

Our comprehensive network of associated companies, strategic partners and diversified list of customers over the years has enabled us to carve out an extensive ecosystem support that pools together multiple resources, experience and expertise. 
We grow into the future as one, for all with mutual alliances and benefits.

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