Macsintec Social Media Sdn Bhd is a specialised management company that provides our own one-stop social media platform for clients to pool together creative talents, technological expertise and market-savvy business acumen to drive your brand forward.
Our experience and expertise across the full spectrum of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. WhatsApp, Skype, video marketing and many more channels. Most importantly, we help you match and optimise your marketing budget to create relevance and meet your marketing goals with the desired returns on investment.


In moving forward, we have strategized a roadmap to steer the company towards our goals. We believe that success can be continuously maintained and enhanced with the foresight and way forward spearheaded by the management team, navigated together with the strength and support of our employees as well as strategic partners.


M-Seek’s registered user accounts hit more than 850 thousand


M-Seek Version 2.0.7 Released
*Scan QR code features setting to enter new created group
*M-Seek launched multi-user connectivity proprietary platform


Hong Kong officially released M-Seek with its mascot “Liu Zai”
M-Seek Version 2.0.4 released
*One-to-one voice calls
*Variety of chat emoticon features and short videos


M-Seek Version 2.0.1 released
*Stylish interface and simple display
*Multilingual features
*New Mbao apps connected,
users enjoy more convenience for online shopping in M-Seek


Launched M-Seek and platform strategy to market
M-Seek Version 1.08 released
*Optimized video content before transmittal in M-Moment
*Optimized information before transmittal


M-Seek Version 1.0.2 released
*Released registration in 7 European Countries
*Enhance enlarged content function through double-clicks
*Chat contents can be saved in favorite space (Voice chat, text, picture and location)


New and potential technology of M-Seek developed


Macsintec was founded


As a caring company, Macsintec Social Media Sdn Bhd has on many occasions organised charitable activities that is participated not only with our team members, but also included members of the public to share our love and concern for the needy. We reach out to underprivileged communities including the elderly, children, disabled and more to care and share together through acts of kindness, knowledge empowerment and festivities cheer.

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